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Hi there!

I’m an art director and graphic designer with a focus in information design.
Italian born, I have settled in ‘sunny’ East London.

Pixel Pusher

Passionate about interaction design, I enjoy creating engaging digital experiences for web, mobile apps, and physical installations.

Paper Lover

Though digitally minded, I switch with joy to more traditional crafts. The ink, the paper, the touch, the smell … I love everything about books!

Data Geek

Trained in industrial design, I pursue functional purpose in my practice and I find great satisfaction in solving the data puzzle.

What I’m up to…

wiredI’m currently dividing my time between working with data-driven urban innovation hub Future Cities, some editorial collaborations and a new self-initiated project!

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I have recently co-authored The Infographic History of the World, published by Harper Collins. Here you can see an overview of the design and a selection of the 100+ infographics.

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TalksI’m happy to share my work in schools, conferences, seminars and festivals. Please drop me a line to discuss.
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One of my latest self-initiated projects is now live as an interactive data viz: Poppy Field, Visualising War Casualties since 1900.

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I’m running The Guardian Masterclasses in Infographic Storytelling. Hope to see you there!

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