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Teaching the essentials of dataviz and infographic storytelling

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I enjoy sharing my work in events and meetups focused on dataviz. I also provide an introduction to data visualization’s potential as a storytelling medium as well as the principles behind constructing an effective visual display of information – from data collection to compelling visual outcomes.


Learn about data driven storytelling

This introductory masterclass combines theoretical instruction with exercises in sketching and storyboarding to provide a detailed understanding of different aspects of decision-making that go into creating any data-driven narrative (infographic or dataviz).

The content is delivered through a mix of teaching, discussions and group practices. Attendees with work independently and in groups.


Topics covered on the day include:

  • The history and principles of data visualisation
  • Visual perception theory in practice
  • An effective visual display of information
  • Colour theory and usage
  • Charting conventions
  • Visual and interactive storytelling
  • Primary considerations: audience, purpose, medium
  • An overview of digital tools

The workshops are designed for communications professionals who are looking to enhance their creativity and the impact of their communications through data driven storytelling.


Participants will come away with an understanding of:

  • Why and how we visualise data
  • How to read and evaluate the effectiveness of visual displays of information
  • The different types of data and methods for how to organise and understand it
  • How to identify the best-fit solutions for data visualisation for different types of communications
  • A vocabulary of terms to bring into their workflow

Upcoming masterclasses
V&A Workshop, London | Book now
The Guardian Masterclasses, London | Book now
Graphic Hunters, Utrecht | Book now

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National Digital Design Conference [ND2C], Islamabad
D&AD Conference, London
School of Public Health, London
Irish Design Year, Dublin
Data4Change , Beirut
Graphic Hunters, Utrecht
The Guardian Masterclasses, London
London College of Communication, London
Ravensbourne, London
Southbank University, London

Selected clients

I have delivered training for public and private organisations. Some of my clients include Google, Pfizer and the UN ILO and I have been a visiting lecturer at the London College of Communication, Ravensbourne and Southbank University.


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